The Team wishes to thank Patrice (FK8HA), Michel (FK8IK), and Vincent (F4BKV) for their invaluable assistance with logistics. We remain indebted to Maury (IZ1CRR) for his work on the design and maintenance of the expedition website.

Cezar, VE3LYC ( 

Cezar is an avid DXer, with DXCC HR 338/342, 5BWAZ, IOTA 1038, and 2600 DXCC Challenge. He operated from various rare and new IOTA groups: NA-186, 194, 205, 208, 230, 231, SA-031, 095, 096, 097. Cezar prefers CW and is a member of FOC (#1994), but is also keen on SSB and DIGI modes. 

Bob, KD1CT ( 

Bob is an experienced DXer, with 339 current DXCC and 980 IOTA confirmed in SSB. He is a paramedic, and enjoys working mobile from his truck, also used as an emergency vehicle for the local EMS. Bob shares his love of radio with his daughter Jess. This will be his first expedition, something he dreamed of for years. 


Dan, W4DKS (

We are very pleased to inform that Dan (W4DKS), a Top IOTA Chaser and DXer, has accepted to act as the pilot station for this operation. Once TX4A is on the air, any requests regarding propagation windows to different parts of the world on various bands should be emailed to Dan at the address indicated above. He will summarize and send them periodically to the Team. Requests posted onto the DX Cluster or variousforums will not be entertained.